No Limit

Beautiful stallion from Totilas! VSN Auction!

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Mooie fijne merrie met top instelling!

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Don Manhattan

Beautiful sweet stallion!

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Beautiful horse and a super character!

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Very nice type!

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Good mover, nice type!

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Lucky Boy

Amazing good looking horse!

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Easy, sweet, good mover!

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Beautiful mare who can move well! Super character!

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Lovingly willing horse with a very easy mouth!

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Mare with a nice type that can move well.

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Super hind legs, nice character!

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Extremely sweet good moving horse!

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Nice, easy, fair horse, that can move well!

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Very kind-natured horse, eager to work, with a nice collection and established flying changes!

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Indian Rose

Lovely sharp mare. Always willing to work and forward-thinking. Superb use of hind leg!

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Very nice front legs this black Jazz. Big horse but allows himself to be easily trained!

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It’s Me

Youthful black gelding by Chippendale. Kind, honest horse, willing to work!

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Sensitive gelding by Negro, is still a bit quick, but an honest horse!

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Nice 3-year-old gelding by Negro, excellent canter!

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Beautiful, kind, black gelding, extremely well-behaved. Very suitable for an amateur.

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Fire Fly

Robust 5-year-old gelding. Sensitive horse but definitely honest!

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Very cool trotter this Special D! Sharp but honest horse.

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Utah c

Final Pavo Cup in the 5-year-olds category. Now at Prix St George-level.

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Champion at L2-level, very kind horse, eager to work, always wants to work for you!

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Elano M

Lovely black figure, green but very well-behaved.

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Robust 3-year-old gelding by Florencio, always wants to work for you!

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Enough Pleasure

Very big gelding, nice front and very easy to ride.

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Enormous Pleasure

Still very green but this gelding has a lot of technique in his legs! Sold to Poland.

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Forever Pleasure

Nice mare but still green. Good, with honest character.

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Lovely horse to look at with a very nice leg technique and an exceptional passage!

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A Big Pleasure

Lovely EAS approved stallion, suitable for jumping or dressage.

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Champion at the stallion inspection in Germany!

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Very beautiful chestnut to watch, very kind horse!

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Excellent hind leg this beautiful black horse, beautiful horse to look at!

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Finals Prinsenstad, Finals VSN, Finals Subli, Finals Pavo Cup.

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Nice type, very kind horse. Sold to Greece.

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Great Zack

Big horse but lovely movement. Sold to Denmark!

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Really lovely 3-year-old pony!

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Danci, more than just a horse!

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Happy Atlita

Champion of the Foal inspection Zuid Holland!

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“Daniel’s critical eye from the ground and expert feel in the saddle have made him an invaluable partner to my business! As an agent, I appreciate Daniel’s ability to match his horses’ character and talents to my clients’ needs and goals. As an investor, I trust his thoroughness and exceptional standards when test riding and inspecting horses. He delivers the full package!”

Kate Schundau / Agent

“My name is Sivan Sat and I’m a professional dressage rider and trainer from Israel. In November 2016 I went to Holland to look for a young dressage prospect for myself. I contacted Daniel and he agreed to help me. The experience of looking and trying young horses with Daniel was excellent! We tried quite a few youngsters and Daniel not only provided good opinion but also rode the horses for me so I can see them and make sure they are safe before I get on. And the best part – we found my dream horse! A 3yo mare by Everdale X Rhodium. Since I had to fly back home right after we found the horse, Daniel took care of all the details for me. He trailered the mare to a  Pre purchase exam at a vet clinic that I chose, and made sure the shipping to the airport went smooth. The mare arrived safe and sound in Israel in December 2016.

I can’t be happier with her and I am very grateful to Daniel!”

Sivan Sat / Dressage rider

“Daniel is a great source for finding top quality dressage horses – he has a great eye for talented young horses with super character. He is honest and strives to pair the right horse with the right rider. It is always a pleasure to work with him!”

Thanks Daniel for selling me Hartog!

Jenny Wetterau / Dressage rider

“Our visit to Holland could not have been more pleasant, as Daniel had shown us over 25 horses that fit our search criteria! Along with his knowledge and advice, he offered transparency and personal opinions. And instead of leaving with the one initial horse we were looking for, we ended up buying two! And hope to return soon for a third, and fourth! He also arranged for the horses’ vetting, shipping, stabling and care in the meantime. Quality Horses offers its clients a great European buying experience, and we could not be more happy with the results. We highly recommend their service to anyone in search of a future dressage star!”

Thank you, Daniel! Best regards from Kuwait,

Sabah M. Al-Sabah & Fajer B. Al-Sabah / Dressage rider

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